Athletic Makeup

Training Curriculum

Our training curriculum is set up as 4 distinct periods:
Jan-March Pre-Season
Mar-Jun Early-Mid Season
Jul-Sep Mid-Late Season
Oct-Dec Post Season / Individual Specialization

Jan-March Pre-Season
The focus of this part of the season is for athletes to:
• calibrate their approach to having a successful season whether in competition or training
• individual technical work with an emphasis at working at game speed
• addressing physical components of the athlete to ensure personal maximum fitness, speed and agility
• set goals (individual/team) for the upcoming Season

Mar-Jun Early-Mid Season
The focus of this part of the season is for athletes to:
• calibrate their tools from the pre-season periodization and apply into a competitive team setting
• team play with a focus on having individuals function seamlessly in their offensive and defensive responsibilities
• begin to work in positional/specialization aspects both in training and competitions
• in a team setting solidifying Epic’s: philosophy of play, tactical identity and roles of individuals

Jul-Sep Mid-Late Season
The focus of this part of the season is for athletes to:
• reach peak points in fitness, speed and agility both in training and competition
• consistent successful application of exercises and activities in training
• consistent transition of objectives from coaches to player with positive application during competition
• as calendar runs into the late part of the season, athletes are expected to gain a strong understanding of roles, responsibilities, relationships on the field

Oct-Dec Post Season / Individual Specialization
The focus of this part of the season is for athletes to:
• review technical/tactical/physical/mental progress while addressing any areas of development that need extra attention
• training focus will gradually shift from team play to individual based training/specialized poisitonal play
• intra-squad play will become prevalent at this stage
• review team and individual goals
• players are to wind down the intensity in latter stages and receive athletic exit testing

All competitive players are expected to train a minimum of 3 times a week within their development groups (4 times a week in 2nd and 3rd blocks of periodization). Players may be asked to train with the development group above or below their bracket at any point, at the discretion of the Coaching staff.

Any permanent player movement between development groups shall be made at the beginning of a period, at the discretion of the Coaching Staff.


Training Guidelines: Athletes


• Black game socks, Black game shorts, Teal training jersey (equipment provided by Epic FC)


• Athletes are expected to train in their Development groups only unless approved by Coaching Staff

Athlete Equipment

• Player bags and water bottles are to be lined up neatly in a designated area provided by the staff

• Shin pads must be present in athletes bag at all times,

• Athletes are not to bring personal balls into training or games


• 1 litre of water must be consumed per training session, please pack accordingly, water breaks will be 2:30 seconds in length and are mandatory, players are to leave balls and exercises and proceed immediately to hydrate

Pre-Training/Warm Up

• Athletes shall proceed to the designated warm up area and commence their pre-set exercises, this will enable Epic FC to maximize each athletes session beginning promptly at scheduled time

• Late arrivals shall proceed to warm up area before joining the session

Post Training

• Before leaving the training ground all athletes must pick up all equipment

• Balls must be placed in bags found in designated areas

• Cones must be re-stocked in colour co-ordination

• Bibs must be looped through the sleeves into designated laundry hooks

• Players must transport all equipment to the storage area after the last session


Training Guidelines: Parents


• No parent – coach meetings will be handled on our training pitch prior or post training, meetings will be handled offline in telephone or in person at the discretion of the staff.

• We do not condone, promote or support any outside programs regarding the training curriculum of Epic’ FC Program Athletes except for those of:

• Competitive Edge Strength and Conditioning, Mississauga Ontario

• Any athletes outside of these programs are considered to conflict our full time training curriculum

• No training will be scheduled the night before a long weekend with no competition on said weekend

• No training will be scheduled during calendar holidays

• Training takes place under any conditions except lightning


• Parents must communicate via email to coaching staff if they will not be attending training program on a given night

• Parents will be asked to stay 100 yards away from the training pitch during training, this area will be for Athletes and Staff only

Support System

• Parents should encourage communication between athlete and coach and look to make this practice a priority in any situation where clarity is needed, only when a player fails to see clarity after this practice should a parent then takeover the dialogue

• All the meaningful work is done at training. Games are merely a way to measure what’s been learned during the week and what still needs improvement, kind of like a math test. Kids touch the ball only a fraction of the time in games compared to training. Encourage a strong approach to training always


Competitive Guidelines: Athletes

Athlete Equipment

• No player shall take the field in competition without an authentic Epic FC uniform or attire that is a contrasting colour from the rest of the team, no exceptions

• Athletes must be responsible for their own attire

• No personal balls shall be brought to competitions by athletes

• Bags and Equipment must be placed neatly behind team bench if no bench is available then must be placed in a row at an assigned area. No backpacks of any other club/clubs or programs are acceptable, outside equipment must be kept black in colour

Attendance / Pre-game

• All athletes are to arrive in presentation gear (tracksuit) no later than 45 mins before kick off of a scheduled match

• All athletes must be in uniform ready for warm up no later than 30 mins before kick off of a scheduled match

• If arriving less than 30 minutes before kick-off please ensure:
(i) you have been pro-active in having as much equipment on as possible
(ii) you are progressing to join the warm up in immediate fashion
(iii) you are prepared to pick up/re-stock all cones, bibs and balls before kick-off
(iv) if you are walking do us all a favour and walk back out

• Failure to arrive 30 mins before a scheduled kick off will result in:
(i) Loss of initial 15 minutes playing time in match 1st offence
(ii) Loss of initial first half of playing time in match 2nd offence
(iii) Loss of call up opportunities to the next immediate event or match for continued offences


All players will take the time to wish each other luck prior to kick off.